What is the difference between Virtual reality and Augmented Reality?

The latest technology discoveries have brought us to experience new and improved 3D technologies. Virtual reality and augmented reality in Dubai are one such technology that has gained increasing popularity with people because of its intriguing applications. Augmented reality is a technology that gives you a real-world experience where the elements of the real world are projected in a computer identified reality. Virtual reality is a simulated version of a world that may be similar to the world or completely different from it.

The technology was first applied to entertainment and gaming to formulate games like ‘Pokémon go’ and after an overwhelmingly positive response for the technology more and more companies started to apply it to their platforms. Now, this technology is no longer restricted to gaming and entertainment, it has evolved into applications like security, marketing, and much more. The effects of augmented reality on marketing are very beneficial to brands and companies. But to understand the applications of the technologies you must know the basic difference between the two.

What is VR:

Virtual reality is a means to immerse the user in a virtual world with the use of modern equipment. This reality will be a virtual one that is a computer-simulated to help the user escape reality. This technology was mostly used in gaming and entertainment to give the users a very personalized experience of the gaming environment. Virtual reality requires heavy equipment like heavy headsets for applications.

What is Augmented Reality:

 Augmented reality is often considered a cousin technology of Virtual reality. The basic concept of both is the same however in augmented reality you will not be experiencing a virtually created world or environment you will simply be experiencing a computer interpretation of the real world. You do not need specialized equipment for this technology. You can simply experience it on your phones, tablets, or already existing gadgets.

Applications of VR and AR:

VR is used in gaming and entertainment since it is an escape of reality and suited for the enhanced gaming experience, whereas AR is a technology that is utilized in multiple fields including marketing, high-tech security, movies, retail, games, and much more. Augmented reality is favored over Virtual reality because of the ease of use and low costs. If you want to learn more about the applications of VR and AR then log on to a service provider’s website and click here to read more about their product.