Things to know about conferences

The basic idea of conference is to gather a group of people at a single place to discuss about a specific topic. Conference is often confused with other such terms but it can be used to present a general idea of having a group discussion where people present their ideas and new information is exchanged amongst experts to be debated later on.

There could be different purposes of carrying out different kind of conferences:

  • A gathering of scientists or academicians where researches are presented and ideas are extracted is known to be the basic academic conference. Its main purpose could be to conduct workshops and carry out the chain of ideas.
  • People coming from different brands and companies belonging to the same industry who come together to discuss new ideas, trends and opportunities relating to the field is known to be a business conference.

Because the idea of conference is to acknowledge the change and carry out a meeting or a large gathering of people this is why there are supposed to be different keynote speakers. Usually the number of attendees is huge so is the number of keynote speakers. These keynote speakers are eminent personalities and scholars who have good knowledge in their fields.

The different types of conferences which are carried out are:

  • Symposium is known to be a gathering of attendees which is often followed by refreshments and entertainment. Best event company in Dubai can help you conduct a symposium.
  • Seminar is conducted for one basic idea of spreading knowledge as the attendees are expected to gain knowledge at the end of it and it is usually categorized as educational.
  • Workshop is usually a fun activity where groups are made and attendees get hands on experience about their learning. The amount of time which a single speaker takes is usually limited and more time is dedicated to activities and demonstration.
  • Round table conference is the one which is often heard by us. Conference management companies in Dubai arrange this kind of meeting where only a limited number of participants are allowed and they discuss about the serious matters. It is called round table because participants take a seat in a circle so that they are able to face each other.