The Most Expensive Kids Birthday Parties

Birthdays are special for kids and many of us still like to celebrate birthdays. Our parents bash us all the time that we spend a lot of money on birthdays that is a complete waste but when the next time you throw a party, have you parents read this article, because we will be telling you about the world top and expensive birthdays ever conducted. So, this one was a record breaker, the birthday of Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Holmes, spend tons of money on her daughter’s second birthday. Most of us don’t even remember what happened on our birthday and we are sure that neither did Suri remembers any of it. But the couple made sure that she gets everything in the world, they spent 17,000 dollars on floral décor, 45,000 worth of food, 1,000 real butterflies, 5,000 dollars-worth of cake and 2,000 dollars they spent on cupcakes. She not only had all this, but in her birthday, she got the chance to play with real giraffes and elephants.

Taylor Armstrong got to have a 60,000 dollars-worth of tea party. The tea party was big enough to welcome actual human beings, the tea sets were specially brought from China and the tea party was conducted in Houdini mansion and even the cup cakes were customized. Then there was birthday of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s baby girl, when she turned one. She had a lady bug themed party where the cake was made from designers and each person who was invited, went home with a gift as well. We all love Disney cartoons but the parents Usher and Tameka made sure that they provided their kid Naviyd Raymond the most realistic Aladdin themed birthday party, where the seats were themed of magic carpet, actual camel rides, face paintings, henna tattoos, and so much more. And this even sounds more magical then the original Disney movies. Then the most expensive was the Beckham’s 187,000 dollars and that birthday party was named as the playhouse. In this playhouse, they had a real doll house that fitted each and every person. Even The Wanted band performed live at the birthday party and even when their daughter had the birthday everything was pink and it cost 100,000 dollars. You can also hire any events company in Dubai and different kids party in Dubai.