Make Your Home Tiles Last Longer With These Tips

Performing preventative maintenance is key to maintaining the appearance of your tile floors. To prevent scratches, always keep the nails of your pets trimmed. This will prevent scratches and unnecessary wear. Another way to protect your tile floors is to use throw rugs. Throw rugs are easy to remove if spills happen, and they are great for places where heavy foot traffic occurs. Here are a few tips to keep your home tiles in UAE looking their best:

Preventative maintenance

Cleaning your home’s tile flooring regularly is essential for keeping it looking new and fresh. Regular vacuuming can help remove sand, grit, and small rocks from the floor. If necessary, you can use a dust mop to sweep the floor. In addition, you should use mats and runner rugs to protect your floor from abrasive grit and dirt. Felt pads can protect your heavy furniture from scratching your floor tiles.

Cleaning chemicals

Using the correct cleaning chemicals can help your home tiled surfaces last longer. Using harsh chemicals can damage your tiles, so use milder alternatives. Hard-abrasive cleaners can scratch the seal on your tiles, making them easier to get dirty. If you use these products, you will need to repeat the cleaning process more frequently. But these methods are effective. Read on to discover how to keep your tiles in top condition.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a great solution for cleaning your tile flooring. This alkaline substance is gentle enough not to damage the surface of your tiles while also lifting stains and mold. You can apply this mixture to the tile with a damp cloth or spray bottle and then allow it to sit for ten minutes. Scrub off any baking soda residue using a stiff brush. Use upward and firm motions to make sure you remove all the baking soda.

Area rugs

Place a quality pad under the area rug to make your home tiles last longer. While traditional area rugs were laid over thick, fibrous padding, synthetic pads are lightweight and flexible. Thin pad material is ideal for ceramic tile floors since it can be easily removed and wiped clean. Thicker pads may damage the weave of the rug. However, they also are inexpensive and easy to clean. To maintain your rugs, spot cleans them as needed.