How to pick the right party dress

There is always one of those occasions waiting for you to panic about the full yet useless wardrobe which screams for addition of some amazing new style and seasonal clothes, so why not give it what it asks for? For some people, choosing party wear anarkali online is not a cup of tea but here we are to make the work easier for you. Here’s a quick guide to choosing any party wear – even if it’s buy designer abaya online – for the occasion:

  • Colour

By colour we are referring to the theme of party along with your skin shade. When you are looking for evening party wear, you may want to aim for something glamours but make sure that you are coordinating the colour of the dress with the colour of your skin tone. Most of these parties take place in dim lights so you want to make sure that the dress colour compliments your skin tones which will stand out in the pictures.

  • Look for fittings and cut

If you are looking for something online or even trying it out in a shop, you want to be sure of the fact that the chosen piece is the right fit and size. Think through the event and whether you would like for the dress to be a body hugging fit or a loose baggy look. Along with that, also remember to look for the different kinds of necklines and dress styles which are available and then make the decision.

  • Consider the type of event

While choosing a dress, don’t get too lost in the different choices and rather make sure that you are considering the dress code of the event as well. For example if you are looking for a wedding wear then you may want to choose a heavy, formal look which does not coordinate with the colour of the bride’s dress, whereas if it’s a birthday party or showers, then you can instead aim for something casual and chic.

  • Be you

One of the best ways to end your confusion between the different dress choices is to pick the one which screams the most you. If you pick a dress and see yourself wearing it over and over with all your heart then we believe it is the best pick for you.