Spotting reliable accountants and tax agents

When it comes to unsolicited business proposals, it is challenging to locate reliable accounting firms in Abu Dhabi as well as a reputable tax agency in Dubai. Businesses should conduct their own researches when it comes to locating accountants and tax agents.

Identifying a reliable tax accountant: It is imperative that a business should hire an auditor who has at least some experience in their respective field. Founders can ask for referrals when it come to hiring just the right auditor. Owners should reach out to fellow competitors, employees, even family and friends for searching an auditor who fits the criteria and is deserving of a place in the business. Anyone can file taxes hence it is important that business owners are being specific with their accountant regarding their requirements. Business owners should be wary of accountants promising a huge refund even before initiating the contract. Business owners should know that payment for preparing taxes is termed illegal should the concerned accountant not have a preparer tax identification number(PTIN). Businesses should hire accountants or auditors who have gone through the required examinations and are licensed to perform their job. Should businesses end up being stuck in a lawsuit, it would be wise to hire a tax attorney who specialize in tax laws and are approved by the state courts and bar associations. Tax agencies should be aware of recruiting agents, auditors and accountants otherwise it could turn ugly in a legal case.

Be cautious: The onus is on business owners to do their bit to avoid running into a legal case. Owners should conduct interviews, there are two types of interviews known as closed ended and open ended interviews. Both are vital for determining whether the individual they are hiring is legitimate or not. Closed ended interviews can be done through a set of questions to be answered in a survey. Closed ended interviews tend to consume less time in getting to know an individual although owners might not understand them entirely due to possible questions being left out. That is why it is imperative that open ended interviews should be an option. This kind of an interview is done by meeting the individual face to face in order to get a detailed understanding before hiring them. Interviewers should ask for a copy of written statements regarding the individual’s privacy policies to various stakeholders. It would do any harm in counterchecking the legitimacy of the account by having a thorough look at their social media in the form of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and particularly instagram. Instagram is the perfect hub for fake accountants direct messaging users and luring them through unsolicited proposals and asking for advance payments. Businesses should consult with the concerned state’s board of accountancy to check for any disciplinary actions being taken against the accountant.  Business owners should be advised on hiring accountants who have a history of working from home since it is challenging to trace such individuals.